Monkey Cream

by: Vaping Monkey

The juice that started it all and a definite fan favorite! This is a perfect blend of several creamy flavors with a subtle hint butterscotch to give it a rich, sweet taste. It's like vaping your favorite Crispy Cream doughnut! Another great liquid for those who prefer a heavier and full flavored e-liquid.

Note: This product contains trace amounts of Diacetyl. By clicking "ADD TO CART" means that you have read and understand this side note.
Customer Reviews
4.7 out of 5, based on 20 reviews
Casey Sisk from Inman, South Carolina on Dec 29, 2014
Wow. This is the reason why I always rely on everyones reviews. Very very nice clouds taste is superb! Nice cremy, sweet vape. ImImpressive! And thanks for the free sample. I'll most definitely be ordering again.
Pierre from Orlando, FL on Sep 06, 2014
I have not tried this flavor as of yet. I have seen great reviews on it and it shows to be a very well liked premium juice. The NOTE at the bottom of the description though caught my attention and specifically the trace amounts of Diacetyl portion. PBusardo states in his video that Diacetyl in large amounts has been linked to Alzheimer's but I decided to take my search a little further. As I googled Diacetyl this link jumped right out and caught my attention

The article was recently published in 31 August 2014 and states that Diacetyl when vaped has been linked to cause lung disease!!! In the article as you read it will state the e liquid manufactured in the UK has since been pulled off the market as it will no longer be sold because of this research. I hope this information aids Vapor Venue to change their ingredients and releases a much safer version of this juice as I am one that is really wanting to try it. Best of luck!
Chris from Charlotte, NC on Nov 16, 2013
I must Start of by saying Iam a new fan! I just recently placed my first order with VV for monkey cream and after receiving it I'm hooked! I literally have 200 plus bottles of Ejuice from a great number of vendors across the US and Canada and NONE CAN COMPARE with the flavor and quality of Monkey Cream! I also received a free sample of the Orangutan Liquid and its great as well. The liquid from the Monkey Brand just has a Clean and pure taste that i have not found elsewhere. I look forward to trying the other flavors and will be placing an order in the next couple of days. I love cream flavors and Monkey Cream is the first i have found that make a Great all day Vape. If you like Cream THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU. Don't know what you guys did but its working. Keep up the good work. You have picked up another loyal customer in myself. Also the hand written thank you that was received with the order is a very nice and friendly touch. Thanks Guys i look forward to my next order(THE BIG BOTTLE)!!!!
Dnep from Louisiana on Oct 18, 2013
Its an all day Vape just like the description said its rich and sweet. i love it! you guys need to put this in a bigger bottle.. :) because it did'nt stand a chance against me. I was vaping it too much that i had stop to save some more for tomorrow.
Lori M from Temecula on Aug 30, 2013
This is my all day vape! It is amazing, creamy and makes me remember why i started vaping in the first place. I really wish the team at vaper venue would reformulate it to remove the Diacetyl! I am tired of all the vape stores in my area telling me I am going to get popcorn lung and harassing about getting cancer. Its starting to get a bad rap!
Carlos Hazbun from Glendale on Aug 30, 2013
Great creamy sweet flavor with a hint of butter. My all day vape! This juice is amazing. The 70% vg gives you nice clouds too.
Steve C. from Hemet on Aug 08, 2013
Monkey cream is awesome. The 30/70 ratio makes thick smooth clouds. Will order again.
Warren from Rockies on Aug 01, 2013
I dunno, its interesting, but there is a undertone of sandalwood or patchouli, not diggin it. Its not just me at few other people tasted it also. Maybe one of the flavorings is overpowered, distorting our senses.
Brian Giraldez from Miami, Florida on Jun 15, 2013
This juice is by far the best juice i have tried in a long time, i cant put it down, and it has this sweet taste and also a mystery taste. keep them coming guys haven't found one of your flavors that i don't like!!
Marc Konchar from Temecula, CA USA on Jun 14, 2013
This is by far the best juice I've ever had, and I try a decent amount of juices! In fact it's been my "all day vape" for a year now and I typically order it 300ml at a time. It tastes great in every device I've used it in (silica, cartos, EkoWool and mesh), although be warned that it likes low heat (6.3 - 6.5 watts) to really bring out the flavor.
Connie from Fairhope, Alabama on May 18, 2013
I thought I had a favorite all day vape, but then I tried Monkey Cream. Good golly Miss Molly...this stuff is fantastic. I can't get enough of it. I wish I would have bought the 30 mil. the first time, but got the 15. I am placing another order today for more of this! LOVE it!!!!
James Tomasino from Port Richey, FL on Apr 22, 2013
I would love to give a stellar review for this juice, but the truth is I haven't been able to vape much of it, as my wife has pretty much confiscated the entire bottle for herself. From the few drops I was able to partake of myself, I was amazed by the fresh buttery bakery notes and sweet finish, but alas, no more joy for me.

It's worth mentioning that my wife is an EXTREMELY picky vaper, so for her to fill a 3ml tank with this stuff is almost unheard of.

At least I get to keep the Monkey Buns and Planet of the Grapes for myself, right?
keith from virginia beach on Apr 22, 2013
Love this juice,it's a sweet and creamy vape.I ordered 2 bottles saturday night(april 20th) around 11:00p.m. and it is out for delivery today monday (22nd).I do not know how they pulled that off but i am not complaining.I am stalking the mailbox and can't wait for it to get here.After blowing thru the free 10ml bottle i recieved with another purchase a few months back,i finally decided i wanted a couple more bottles.Wish this juice was not so expensive,but worth every penny.If you have not tried this juice yet,you do not know what you are missing.Thanks VV for the quick shipment.
Michael G Zola from Hazleton, PA on Mar 14, 2013
Wow, I ordered it based on reviews. I am glad and disappointed. The negatives to be - only that chemical, I cant keep that out of my mind when vaping it. (i dont know if im making it up in my head). I hope there trying more beta testing to replace this blend, although nearly perfect. Its creamy, sweet and lush vape. Cheers Vaper Venue I am a fanatic about the line of juices released, I love the theme.
Ryan Pate from Los Angeles on Mar 06, 2013
And on the eight day, the Lord hath created thy Monkey Cream.
If you haven't tried this; step back and slap yourself.
This juice makes all other juices its b#tch!
Lain from Daytona Beach, FL on Feb 06, 2013
This is my favorite vape right now. I'm not an all day vape type of person, I like variety but this one comes close. I've gone through so much of this! I ordered the Planet of the Grapes one too and tried that today. Now I'm seriously torn on which is my favorite. Thanks for the great ejuice! Rawr :)
Oscar from Florida on Feb 04, 2013
This stuff is amazing , FULL of flavor , the only complain i have about this juice is that it is so dang good it makes me hungry , no joke
dont pass this stuff up , amazing , i have yet to try my other flavor's but monkey creme is definately a win
vapervenue is definately on my list of go-to places to buy juice now
ALEXANDRA M. from na on Jan 13, 2013
Monkey Cream makes me want to scream to the top of my lungs and tell everyone what a well-rounded, exquisite flavor this is! It is mouth-watering, full of flavor, and is consistent from the inhale up until the exhale once the vapor leaves the tip of my tongue. The taste: a sugary melted butter oozing of flavor THUMBS UP! 5 STARS! A+!
CALI VAPER from na on Jan 13, 2013
I Ordered the sample pack and made sure i chose this one to for sure order, the rest were random. I must say this juice is greaaat! Its an all day vape - but not an all day every day. BUT, BUT - i must say this is the BEST pre-made flavor i have found as of yet (and ive tried alot of vendors) as a mixer. THIS juice goes GREAT mixed with anyother desert-ie type flavor. I love to mix some with my vanilla custard waffles.. and omg soo good. Not to say thi flav isnt great on its own - but its an added bonus that i can add a drop of this and a drop of something else in an atty to get a great monkey cream undertone in anyother flavor that Im currently a fan of. I have tried all but one or 2 flavors from CJ and this is my defo favorite. Right after i went thro my sample bottle I realized i had to get a 30ml bottle of it. my only gripe is the price. @ 20$ for 30ml + shipping is a little steep but in my book still worth it... but deff any time CJ has any type of sale or promo it makes it for sure 100% worth it to pick some up. its like a creamy butterscotch vanilla wounderful
JESUS.FERRER60 from California on Jan 13, 2013
Just received my reorder of 2 30 ml monkey creme. Just cant get enough of this. It does kinda taste like the crispy creme donut and vapor production its outstanding. Also the tropic monkey is a must try.

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